Spell checker not working in GMail???

It only took like three of my emails to go out before I noticed the misspelled words and that Google wasn't doing a spell check for me. I checked all kinds of settings and didn't see any of them which would suggest I had turned off this feature. I then went to compose a message and right-clicked on the body of the message. From there, I found an option called 'Spell-checker options' and the sub-option of 'Check the spelling of text fields'. After selecting this option, I was able to get my automatic spell-checking back.

Protect yourself from Phishing

Not familiar with Phishing? Phishing is when someone sends out an email to unwilling victims to trick them to giving up personal information. Emails will look like they came from your employer, bank, or even your friend. Typically, the victim would click on a lnk which could then lead up to malware introduced to your computer or even identity theft.
Here are some tips from on how to protect yourself from Phishing attacks:

Always check the link before clicking. Hover over it to preview the URL, and look carefully for misspelling or other irregularities.Enter your username and password only over a secure connection. Look for the “https” prefix before the site URL, indicating the site it secure. If there is no “s,” beware.Even if a message or a letter came from one of your best friends, remember that they could also have been fooled or hacked. That’s why you should remain cautious in any situation. Even if a message seems friendly, treat links and attachments with suspicion.…

Technology for the purpose of WHAT?

Discussion topic: Technology for the purpose of WHAT? Go!

Windows Snipping Tool Going Away....

Did you love Windows Snipping Tool? If so, it's going away in future updates. So, here's your chance to try something new. Try Snip & Sketch. Find it by using the search bar. It looks totally different from the Snipping Tool, but pretty useful.

Google Certification Help

The Google Certification exam is not only about how well you use Google Docs. By preparing for it, you can learn much about using the 4C's in the classroom, using technology above the level of substitution, and using tools to support your curriculum. ShakeupLearning has a matrix and website to help you prepare for the exam. Don't forget we also have materials on TheNest to help you prepare. Here is a link to the learning Matrix:


Welcome to my Blog! Here we will discuss topics related to Tech. Whether it's technology used in the classroom or out of it, this is the place to talk about it!
Welcome to my Blog!! I will discuss all things tech related. Whether it's related to technology in the Curriculum or the latest in devices, it will be covered right here!!